Monday, 3 December 2012

future job..

so lately i have been thinking how awesome would it be if i got a job at like one of the worlds famous magazines like. its always been a dream of mine to work there but with me wondering and keeping my options open for the future what should i do, should i become a Fashion Journalist? work at vogue and make that dream of mine come true. or become a fashion photographer and work all over the world and enter my work for vogue to look at, i know probably none of this will happen but it could you never know.

what are your dreams and ambitions, would love to know?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

so it begins...

so its under a month till Christmas, i am so excited and I'm on a mission to make sure this Christmas is the best yet! 
so yes i know it is late, but i must admit i haven't even started my Christmas shop but don't you worry i have got a basket full of goods ready to hit the Order Now button but just have to transfer money into my account tomorrow and that will be all done. but that is only little presents sort of Stocking fillers. I'm going to buy the main presents on Friday when I'm with my mum and i have her opinion to.
but yeah I'm so excited and cant wait for it to be the big day and for everybody to see what i have brought them!

also my mum keeps bugging before for what i want for Christmas, but i cant make up my mind i just don't know what i want its annoying because i have what i have always wanted and move, and i guess I'm just lucky, but then she wants to buy me a gift and not just give me presents.

Comment below and give me ideas for what i can ask my mum for Christmas!

PS. New Hair Colour and Hair Cut Pictures and Description of how i have my hair cut blog coming this weekend!  

Here is a picture what i took of what the weather has been like ALL WEEK! 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hair Colour Options and Saturday Night Disaster...

So it's Saturday night whilst I write this the time is 5 past mid night and I sit here babysitting for my mum, bored as hell watching rubbish on tv. Literally about half an hour ago my puppy (she isn't such a puppy now she is like over a year, but I s call her my puppy) decided to go out in the kitchen and have a poo. Ok I don't do well with poo, the smell makes me sick, so you can imagine me having a peg on my nose and using half a can of spray to try stop the smell. It was like torture it took me about 10 minutes to actually get near it but hey I did it. But was heaving all the way through. Haha

Also my hair needs dying and have no idea what I want to do with it, like should I go a different colour for winter at the moment my hair is red but was thinking about going darker maybe, at the moment I really like Zayn's hair from one direction I think it's awesome. But give me your ideas.

PS here's a picture of my dogs.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas is only around the corner...

Ok I'm starting to freak a little, Christmas is exactly a month tomorrow and I haven't even brought on present yet, I sort of know what I'm getting for my sister but no completely sure, but other than that I have no idea. Like what am I suppose to get my little brother, my mum? Like seriously and then there's when am I going to have time to go get the presents but mainly where is the money going to come from, I know that I work two shifts a week so I'm earning between 50-60 pounds but I don't have the time to work and other time, so it looks like I'm going to have to stay in, stop spending my money and save for a 2 more weeks so I have about 200 saved and then hit the shops and get my dad to take me.
People give me ideas for what I can buy for my sister she is 14 or my brother who is 4 or my mum. I need help guys!?!

PS. Here's a picture from my way back from work there was about 150 birds flying in a pack, it was beautiful.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

busy busy busy..

So the last few days have consisted of me rushing around 24/7 and the only time me stopping is sleeping. I have had to do homework, trips, school, had to go and help some family and tonight I helped the school out.
I don't know how teachers do it to be honest yesterday me and my teacher were talking about how we both get up the same time and we had spent the same thing yesterday we went on the trip and then we went home and then she tried to get sympathy from me because she was tired and I was like you have been at school from 830 and so have I, I haven't stopped I have had lessons here this morning and then had to travel to the grammar school for my other lesson then I travelled back to help you out to get students interested in your house, like I haven't been home yet either, so I was like don't come looking sympathy from me.
We had laugh and a bitch about the other teachers and we shared out chocolate and it was good, spoke to the other teacher who teaches the same course and we sat talking about photography too. So tonight wasn't a complete disaster and I thought it was going to be.
But during my bus journey I did take this two photography's on my phone, they have been filtered by the app 'Instagram'

Sunday, 18 November 2012

sunday events...

so today it is Sunday the 18th November, and the time is 9:15pm, well whilst i type this up!

so today i went back to the cinema again! to go see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Again! i know but after how i reacted the first time i had to see if i was going to react the same again. so guess what it was even better than the first time i watched it because i watched it more detail and i wasnt as tired as the first time. (i have another blog post from Friday i think which explains what happened when i went to see Twilight).

but yes it is absolutely brilliant i loved loved loved it.


lately i have been rocking this jacket my mum brought me last Christmas (i think). at the time i didnt really like it as it wasnt really my style, but now its kinda vintage, retro looking and it just fits with all the other clothing i am wearing. (i will attach a photo of it).

Righto im off to go finish reading up to Chapter 16 of this book i have to read for my English class tomorrow!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm Not Spoiled..

So at school I am know or labelled as the rich, spoiled kid. Which in fact is not true, like yes my mum try's to give me and my siblings everything that we have wanted or asked for. But seriously for me, I have had a job since the age of 13 so I have been earning my own money and spending it on me. Like I would go into school with a new bag or something and people would go oh did mummy buy that for you and I would be like no I have a job and I brought it myself but that was like 3 years ago but they are still like that and the other day we had been talking about how much money we have in the bank saved up for buying a car etc, and luckily I have about 4.5 nearly 5000 saved. And then people started having a go saying I was spoiled etc, but tbh I simple went if your parents were clever they would of put your birthday and Christmas money away in a savings account ready for you when your older like my mum did.
If you were wondering the money saved is also my grandparents have put like 10 pound a month away for me since I was born.
But it's just annoying that people have to label me because I have a job and a clever mum that knew I would spend my money on rubbish and forced me to put it in the bank.

What is your opinions on this?

P.S I burnt I finger on the oven at work today seriously hurts! :(

Friday, 16 November 2012

Forever wanting to be a Vampire...

so last night the phenomenal Twilight Saga came to a close (not be confirmed yet, lets still have hope for another book and film.). 

so being all excited i was determined to go see the last installment but i didn't just go see the last one, i went to the Complete Twilight Saga. which if you did not know is all the Twilight films back to back until the last one which was shown at 5 past midnight. 
you think oh you idiot why did you sit in the cinema for that long (11 and half hours!) but to be honest i love these films and i always end up sitting then going, i want to be a vampire. well anyways as time flew by and all of the 4 films had been watched, it came to the countdown for the new one, the whole atmosphere was electric, this film that us Twilight fans have waited to see for over a year and we knew that we would be able to see it in under 5 minutes time. 60 seconds countdown began and everybody ran to their sits and it got to 10 - 9 - 8 every body was shouting the numbers counting down with it. 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.... 

honestly the film was brilliant and it did the book justice but i will not spoil it for anybody else who has seen it but is reading this now. but seriously if your not a twilight fan go watch this, this will make you turn and you'll see why these films are adored all over the world.

the emotional you'll feel during the first half is that it will make you laugh, smile, happy to see that Bella has got her way in life. but the last half is the most shocking and heart in mouth i have ever felt in a movie, and honestly was just in shock the whole last 45 minutes of the film! 

Go Watch it and Enjoy it! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

People just dont get Fashion..

this may sound silly but when i am sad, or just want to be by myself i always end up going up to my room or end up putting my headphone on/in my ears. i don't know it just makes me feel like I'm in my own little world its just nice. imagining yourself in a different world, or in a different life, most of my day dreams are me being a completely different person, completely the opposite to who i am today. 
not the insecure giant that sits here behind this computer screen, writing his emotions over the Internet as he doesn't know any other why of expressing it. its kinda sad that i cant really tell anyone what is going on my mind. and i don't want sympathy but i want to let this emotion out so it feels right just to type it out other than having to face someone face to face.

i try to make myself look nice, wear nice clothes, and today i wore a blazer over my shirt and then everybody took the mic saying i was wearing a suit, which i wasn't i was wearing Burgundy chinos, a white shirt and a black blazer, so everybody fancied taking the piss out of me, like i keep my mouth shut because i can probably say a lot worse to them but i don't, like literally i have no self confident so now i just don't want to ever wear a blazer even tho it looked nice, but all the chavs etc just took the mick.

i hate living with i live, everybody wears trackies or tries way to hard to be hipsters and its annoying and they take the piss out of my fashion sense. like literally last year i got told by a lot of people (mostly the girls) i had the best fashion sense, but like now my fashion is getting better I'm finding clothes that fit me and even tho i would love to be skinny I'm confident with my body and I'm not ashamed of it,  i will never be the smallest but im certainly not the biggest. but i will leave a picture at the bottom of my outfit and please tell me what you think!

Blazer - Daniel Hechter Paris

Shirt - Ralph Lauren 
Chinos - Next

PS - for the dirty mirror! 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Friends or Not?

sometimes i feel like I'm being used, when my suppose to be called 'Friends' have no one else to hang around with. 

like i just know they are bitching about me behind my back, so like do i say something or just let it go on?

this isn't the first time to happen, but when i say something it always ends up to be my fault, so i never win, so what is the point

all people are going to do is throw the friendship i offer back in my face, so really to think of it i only have a few people, that i can trust and they trust me. 

its nicer to have few close friends instead of many other immature ones. its cool to have a little group that we can all just chill out and talk, instead of keeping it all to yourself and not being able to share it with someone purely because you don't know if you can trust them. 

but through this year my friends have prove to me and have stuck by me through my darkest moments this year so i love them to pieces

and now I'm finally happy, and we just enjoy every moment we get. i guess that's what friends are for right!? 
PS. this is me and my best friend at Prom in July, I'm on the Left and My Best Friend is on the right.

Overrated Faces...

OK, this has been something that has bothered me since day one. 

i don't get why people do this and i don't get why they think it is cool to do it so, now i will explain.

i call it the Four Faces of Facebook

You have the pout, you have the peace sign, you have the upper lip and you have the tongue out face.

I'm NOT saying its everyone but it mostly the age range 10-15 when they pose in every photo. and yes i probably have done it a few times (the upper lip, and the tongue and the peace) but I'm older now .... ha ha....

but like it just annoying and now the fact 10-11-12 year olds are now joining facebook they are starting to do the exactly the same, i had some year 6 add me on facebook the other day, like seriously they are 6 years younger than me, i don't want you on my facebook talking how you are watching Cbeebies, like seriously... 

i think facebook seriously needs to sort out these problems as it CLEARLY states that user must be ----> 13 <---- OK get it children. 

and i think parents need to be more aware to. 

OK, so rant over what are your opinions? 

PS. below is a cheeky photo of ME demonstrating some of the faces.

Friday, 9 November 2012


So today i had my photography class and we have started a new project. what we have just started is a project on an Artist called David Hockney.

At the beginning of the lesson as Sir was describing what he will be aiming/looking for and describing briefly who was David Hockney and what he did.

At the beginning i thought this was a project i was going to hate, as i prepare to do portraits/fashion/editorial stuff, so i had to change my mode of working into becoming more artistic. But after i took my photos and printed them, i start collaging them together to make one big image. 

As time progressed and i had more ideas what i wanted and started it and finally got myself into it, my lesson ended but i have to finish it for homework, but i want to show you the piece so far, i got a long way to go i think i have another 7 pages of pictures yet to stick down but here it is!
PS  I know its not much, but as soon as I'm finished i will upload a picture for you all to see!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Controlling Family..

Do you ever feel like your life is trying to be planned out for you?

Its come to my attention in my life at this moment for me trying to figure out what i want to do when i leave school, i have two more years, but have no idea what i want to be or do.

Do i go to University? Do i take a Gap Year, Go Travel and then go to University a year later? or do i go get a full time job and never really know what i want to do?

But lately i feel like my family are trying to pressure me into going into Uni and study courses i don't want to study, it feels like I'm being forced, and i don't want to do it. If i did go to University it would make me the first of my generation of kids in my family to be going as my cousins didn't get high enough grades or choose not to go. so there is a lot of pressure for me and i have absolutely NO IDEA what or who i want to be. 

Do i go down the creative route and do something with my photography what I'm good at and really enjoy? or do i go down the business route like my family want me to and get stuck in an office with a boring routine of working 9 to 5? 

I have no idea and do not think at the age of 16 think that anybody my age would be able to figure who they wont to be, i have wanted to be a lot of things but always grew out of them or discovered that i didn't have the skills or grades to be able to do it. 

So like i was saying I have two years to discover myself and see what i want and to grow up. You may think that 2 years is nothing but if you think of it 2012 has flown past and i will have to start looking at Universities and be choosing courses before i apply next winter. 

I'm growing up to fast and wish time would slow down so i can figure out who i am and who i want to be but life isn't like that, you have to catch up and keep working to you get your goals.